2021 Tutto Product Review

2021 Tutto Product Review

Posted by By Tutto on Feb 17th 2021


Office On Wheels

Posted by David F. on Jan 13th 2021

This is my fifth Office On Wheels; I use this thing 7 days a week: as a mobile service provider, my whole computer kit, utility drives, cables, files, etc. are with me everywhere I go, protected, accessible and easy to move around with. I upgraded from the "small" office to the "regular" size this time, and it was the right choice! This is truly the Rolls Royce of computer bags -- or maybe the Mercedes Van of computer bags. Pick whichever metaphor works for you; I love my Office on Wheels!

Kathy Z. on Oct 6th 2020

This is my 2nd Business office on wheels from Tutto. The first I use as a portable art 'studio' for watercolor paints, canvases, brushes, & supplies. this one is used for my traveling office as a Band teacher moving from home to school, and room to room. Both are a genuine help!



Posted by Phyllis A. on Jul 3th 2020

I've had my Tutto for years to transport my precious Bernina sewing machine. Last month when leaving the beautiful, Lakeside, AZ, I turned to get onto a busy street, my back hatch flew open and several items thrown out onto the highway including my Tutto. Luckily no one ran over it and my machine and Tutto are just like new!! Just had to tell you what a wonderful product you have. Thank you!

Posted by Lisa on Apr 13th 2020
I bought several pieces at a Fort Lauderdale medical seminar over 10 years ago and used them for family travel. When I moved from Miami to Los Angeles five years ago, instead of opening an office practice from scratch I decided to start a house call practice, so re-purposed my burgundy Steno bag to carry all my supplies. Five years later that bag has served me through 1000's of home visits (I saw 930 patients in 2019 alone) and I've only had to replace one wheel. Once I accidentally backed my SUV over the bag then left it in the parking lot overnight before I realized it was missing -- it survived with only scuff marks on the handle and a broken cross bar that I fixed with a pin (see photo I sent with form). I often wonder why I paid office rent for 25 years when this bag holds everything I used in a treatment room except the x-ray machine. I've even bought some burgundy Vans sneakers to go with it -- all my patients know me for this bag!

Well, that's my Tutto story. Moving back to Miami this summer where I'm hoping to retire in a few years. I still travel to work there every few weeks and use my smaller olive 20"er for infrequent house calls while in town. Love my Tuttos!


Betty C. on Jul 12th 2019

You Have the best luggage for the Top of the Line Sewing/embroidery machines. When taking a $19,000 machine to and from, you have the best protection and ease of transporting. The luggage that is given with the machine can not compare to the TUTTO! I own 4 different sizes.


Joyce L. on Dec 18th 2018

I have used Tutto luggage for years since I first discovered it at a convention. I like the four wheel drive and the easy handling. It does not fall over when I turn sharply. It is very convenient and easy to travel with. I like that it folds up so that it can be stored without taking up a lot of room. Very good product. Thank you.

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