The Healthy Luggage

Tutto Healthy Luggage is the only luggage medically endorsed as back saving. Four wheel base, no-tip stability, sturdy frame capable of stacking up to 100 lbs. on top and collapses to a compact 3” for storage. Inside space splits into garment bag and luggage sides by a flexible wall.

 Tutto's 4-wheel-drive collapsible carry-on makes packing and traveling a cinch. Its slim profile eliminates bumping and tipping when gliding down airplane aisle or tight spaces. An unique top opening on our smaller sizes allows for quick retrieval of items on the go without having to lay the bags on its side. Even more amazing is the fact that this bag folds down to 3" so when you put your feet up after a fantastic trip you can just relax without having to deal with the stuffing your luggage back into storage!

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