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Business 6/29/2017 D. Gerrity

This product has helped me immensely. I have chronic pain and back/shoulder trauma. I also travel to teach and need to bring all my resources with me. This luggage is perfect for that as well as plane travel. This is the second one that I have bought. I had the first one for 10 years.

Business 6/15/2013 K. Rosemary

I heard great things about your products and plan to buy a business case asap.

Crafts 7/21/2014   Peggy

This is my second Craft on Wheels - I already own the smaller version - and like it's smaller sister, this cannot be beat for durability and ease of use. 
This case is perfect for craft getaways; it holds a lot of product and it can easily survive baggage handling over and over again. 
Add to this the easy storage when not in use and you have the perfect Craftcase!!! 

Crafts 9/13/2012 D. Tina

I first learned about Tutto at a Stitches convention. I purchased a craft carrier. I loved it. I know have their luggage and I am about to buy another piece. One of the best decisions I have ever made.

Election 1/30/2016 Q. Debbie

We received our bags.  WE LOVE THEM!!!!! We are giving them out at poll worker training with their educational material in them.  We are going to ask them to take them to the polls with them Election Day.

Election 11/8/2014 T. Jay

Election bag is very impressive

Luggage 1/8/2019 J. kathi

We have had tutti luggage for years. I love the bungee cord stacking as it allows me to easily travel with more than one bag. My 2 year old grandson had no problem maneuvering two bags last year. We use two of these bags for short trips. It is amazing how much you can pack into these bags! This allows us to travel without checking bags and we zip through airports now.

Luggage 7/09/2018 M. Susan I purchased the 22" Burgundy Carry-On Suiter to replace one that had served me well for 20 years. After buying something that was considerably less expensive I realized that nothing else compares to Tutto! I will be selling the lesser brand at a yard sale. I have also ordered the 28" Large Pullman in burgundy.


Machine 7/12/2019 Z. Jacque I have 4 Tutto Machine on wheels for my different types of sewing machines and love them all. They are very easy to move and can carry other items piggy backed onto them. 
Machine 7/07/2019 N. Engle I purchased this to be able to take my very large brother 4500D embroidery machine. It fits so well even with the big coveer that came with my macbhine. This is my third one, I have one for each of my machines. This is the 2XX and is the largest of the three I own. I have already used it three times to take to classes.
Machine 5/18/2019 C. Cindy So excited about my new sewing bag. It holds everything I need for retreats and is organized and compact. I look forward to traveling with my Featherweight to new destinations. Also love how it folds for storage without taking up a lot of space. 
Pets 9/14/2018 From Tutto Online Product Review  

Gosh, what doesn't this do? It is a great size. Very sturdy. Think strong black metal frame with heavy canvas sort of material creating carrier that's attached, with wheels and long handle to pull. One side zips to reveal lots of storage. Front, back and other side can have pet visible or be closed for privacy. Easily folds into narrow rectangle. Yesterday I was at Petco wheeling my kitten around. I laid a big bag of dry food on top. Completely stable. I'm sure I could lie a suitcase on it. Says it supports 100 lbs. I believe it. I've wheeled my kitten around my old neighborhood with very uneven side walks. Super uneven and bumpy. Stable. I love this medium Tutto and highly recommend. I've owned several of other makers upright popular ones. They are ok. But they are like a model T and this is a Tesla.

Pets 8/27/2014 L. Carter Have been told your pet carry one is bay far the BEST! Ordered one for an upcoming trip ...looking especially forward to the wheels as my shoulders get mighty sore carrying around a heavy load!
Steno 9/19/2013 W. Leverett I absolutely love my Wide and Tall Steno on Wheels! The ability to put everything in one case is exactly what I was looking for. I am very happy I purchased this item. Thank you so much!! 
Steno 2/9/2010 B. Stephanie Just bought the steno case and love it so far!
Camera 2/15/2013 L. Theresa I love Tutto products.
Camera 11/7/2012 R. Jordan I love the Tutto Camera on Wheels Bag. One of the most innovative yet inexpensive rolling camera cases available.

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